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Eliminate Pain Naturally

Our pain relief program is designed to help chronic pain sufferers find relief and get back to their everyday living. Our approach uses highly effective and proven therapies to reduce and often eliminate pain. Our program includes 3 phases and each play an important role in the success of the treatments.

- Short & Long Term Pain Relief
- Reduced Inflammation
- Less Swelling & Edema
- Increased Circulation
- Better Mood
- Improved Sleep
- Less Stiffness & Body Fatigue

Our Process

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1. Consult & Evaluation

Your first appointment will involve a sit down chat with the doctor to go over all your questions and health concerns. We take a full health history and perform an assessment to decide if and how we can best help you. Once we have identified the best course of treatment for you, we will provide a care plan with costs and estimated time frames to get you back on track to health.

2. Treatments

Treatments involve 30 minute acupuncture sessions and followed based off your initial evaluation and care plan. Often we will need to see you 2-3 per week at first than less and less as progress is made. Treatments are very relaxing, comfortable, and most patients enjoy a nap during the session. Herbs are often prescribed for you to take daily at home to provide additional treatment during your healing phase. We may also provide you with lifestyle recommendations and guidelines that you will need to follow.

3. Maintenance Care

After optimal or best results are achieved, we often recommend continuing sessions on a maintenance need basis for prevention and to keep you feeling & living well! This may be once a month or more or less depending on your situation. Ask about our acupuncture membership for continuous wellness.